A Community that look to the future.

At Villafranca we are always evolving and anticipating the challenges of the future to achieve the best quality of life for our neighbors.

A Community that look to the future.

Infrastructures in permanent update.

We have intelligent infrastructures and state-of-the-art facilities and a lower cost than the surrounding residential areas, fulfilling our mission of being a sustainable, efficient and connected community.

Alumbrado público LED, contadores inteligentes de agua y de luz y red de fibra óptica en toda la urbanización.

Double water pipes: drinking water with completely renovated pipes (asbestos-free) and a separate irrigation.

Electrical infrastructures with updated nodes to avoid critical voltage variations.

The lowest direct and indirect costs of the environment.

The costs of the Community are the lowest among the surrounding urbanizations, to which a unique legal configuration contributes. The price of supplies and municipal taxes is lower than that of the reference urbanizations and municipalities without reducing the quality of services.

A sustainable, efficient and connected community.


Our vision, as a conscious and committed community, is to be a benchmark in sustainability and respect for the environment.

We have initiatives that allow us to control and reduce energy and water consumption.

We are studying how to incorporate new sustainable technologies such as photovoltaic panels or intelligent irrigation systems.

We promote the use of renewable energies through the advice of professionals and collaboration agreements with public and private institutions and organisations.

We are working on agreements with car sharing companies to establish recharging access points within the urbanization.