Historical Origins.

In Villafranca del Castillo we are proud to inhabit an area with history, located in the enclave of a medieval castle.

Historical Origins.

Our origins.

Villafranca was born as a village at the foot of the castle of Aulencia. The area was a royal hunting ground for the House of Trastámara. In the year 1455 Juan II freed the place from taxes and established that the fortification and the small hamlet that emerged at its feet would bear the name of Villafranca del Castillo.

In the 1970s, the areas surrounding the castle were recovered and what we know today as Villafranca del Castillo residential area emerged, a summer destination for many Madrid families.

Today our past continues to be part of our identity: the castle is reflected in our logo and all our streets are named after castles.

Historia reciente.

The SEK-El Castillo School is inaugurated.
The Zola School and the Mocha Chica shopping center are inaugurated.
The civic center opens its doors.
The parish of Santa María de la Soledad Torres Acosta is inaugurated.
The Camilo José Cela University is founded.
The Social Security office is inaugurated.
Widening of the M-503.
Natural Gas supply available.
Laying of fiber optics.
Widening of the M509 road (north access to the urbanization).
Complete renovation of the drinking water network through Canal de Isabel II.
Renovation and improvement of the electrical connection of Villafranca with the surrounding electrical network.