Tranquility and security.

In Villafranca del Castillo we enjoy the maximum tranquility, privacy and discretion of an exclusive area.
We have a great team of professionals who take care of you and the environment.

Tranquility and security.

Discretion and privacy.

In Villafranca del Castillo you can be yourself and feel at home in the common areas. We pride ourselves on respecting each other’s privacy in a safe environment in which we move with complete peace of mind, on foot or by bicycle, to schools, the shopping center or to the different facilities in our community.

An active and committed community.

We are an international community, made up of professionals and families from different countries who have chosen Villafranca del Castillo to live. We encourage participation in the community and we feel great pride in the magnificent coexistence we enjoy and the solidarity between neighbors.

A team of professionals that takes care of you.

We have twenty employees on staff who offer us the best maintenance, gardening, and administration services, as well as a permanent Owner’s Assistance service available 24 hours a day: 91 815 07 11

We have a permanent Owner’s Assistance service available 24 hours a day: 91 815 07 11

With maximum security.

Active surveillance has made it possible for Villafranca del Castillo to be considered one of the safest residential areas in the Community of Madrid thanks to:

  • Private security teams, in coordination with neighbors and public security forces.
  • The access control system and video surveillance for traffic control.
  • A continuous training of security professionals who work in Villafranca.

In addition, we take prevention very seriously. We have a network of fire hydrants, a defibrillator and training in first aid for guards and concierges.