Thank you so much Isidoro!

Thank you so much Isidoro!

Actualidad, Uncategorized - 18/04/2022

Dear neighbors, we would like to share with you our deepest emotion in reference to the retirement of one of the people who has been a fundamental piece in Villafranca del Castillo, our dear Isidoro.

There is no neighbor in Villafranca who does not know who Isidoro is and of course, his wife María Jesús. A couple that has been fundamental in the development and progress of every aspect aspects of our Community.

After almost 50 years, Isidoro is retiring, and we can only be happy and grateful for everything he has contributed to Villafranca. Therefore, we want to share with all of you this short interview about his work in our Community.



First of all, thank you very much Isidoro for answering these questions for us. It is clear that we will miss you very much, but we are also happy that you can enjoy your retirement years.

Tell me a little about your work in our Community.

How did you get to Villafranca?

In 1973, the company promoting the development needed a person to administer the new project; my father worked for the promoter and offered my services, which they accepted and, I’ve worked here ever since.

What was Villafranca like back then?

The area of ​​Los Brezos did not exist, it was a pine forest. The area of ​​Cº de la Mota and Cº de Coca was a housing area for the farm’s employees. There was not even a quarter of the houses that there are today.
We did not have a physical office. We were even working in a caravan for a while.
There were no computers, everything was done manually, even the receipts that were issued.
The communication routes that were built a few years ago (M-509 and M-503) did not exist … everything was very different in those years.
There was not a correct television signal, which led the Community to install the television wiring that is still in service.
There was only a double water pipe in the Los Brezos area, so the Community undertook the construction of a double water pipe in the Las Vegas area, thanks to which irrigation water can continue to be supplied today to all homes…
Of course, there was no fiber optic cabling…which was so hard to get…
There have been many challenges and projects to improve the necessary services in a development of this size and category… and those that must continue to be undertaken so that Villafranca maintains the position it deserves and stands out for the high quality of life it provides to its neighbors…

How difficult it is to imagine Villafranca with a quarter of the houses or without adequate means of communication… And, working in a caravan? It must have been quite an adventure!

What position did you have to play at that time?

My first job was as a “listero”, controlling the urbanization infrastructure works and the attendance of the Promoter’s employees.
Later I learned the administrative tasks and, in 1978, when the Community was established and together with the first administrator (José Luis Solé), we began the management of the Community, until he died in a traffic accident (1980). I then temporarily took charge of the administration, until an administrator came who stayed only one year. Subsequently, another administrator was incorporated who was in the position for seven years (until 1989), at which time I took over his management, until now.

And why did you decide to stay with us? What motivated you to make this decision?

I considered that it was an interesting job, where I could develop my professional work, assuming this new responsibility as a personal challenge.
It is a very complete job where I have been able to develop multiple facets and carry out very diverse tasks that have helped me grow, both professionally and personally: from administrative tasks, accounting, personnel management, customer service. Relationship with the different suppliers and organizations, banking entities, as well as daily contact with the neighbors, trying to resolve all kinds of situations, for their well-being and the proper functioning of the Community. This work is, without a doubt, what has always motivated and encouraged me to remain at the head of this administration for so many years and see the results of this management day by day, as well as the numerous expressions of gratitude and support from the residents.

Undoubtedly an interesting job that covers many fields…

You have done a wonderful job in every way. Although I must emphasize you magnificent disposition with the neighbors. An impeccable job of customer service, both by you and your wife, María Jesús.

And tell me, how has your evolution been within the administration of Villafranca del Castillo?

My evolution in the Administration has been daily and constant, since I contributed to the very constitution of the Community, creating the first data files related to its members, assuming the transfer of supplies by the Promoter (water; gas; telephone ; maintenance…) and adapting over the years to the advances that society has been making, at all levels.
For this, it has been necessary to continuously evolve, to gradually adapt to new times and technologies and be able to continue providing my services for the Community in an appropriate manner.

How many years has it been in total?

A lifetime… In total it has been more than 49 years, 33 as an administrator.

Indeed it has been a lifetime… Five decades!

Your wife María Jesús has also been with us for many years. What has been her role?

María Jesús has been for more than 42 years –since 1980-
She joined when the first administrator passed away and, since I was left alone, an auxiliary person was needed to help manage the Community. At that time, the Community billed, in addition to Community expenses: gas, water -both drinking and irrigation- and the telephone, which was then managed by the Community through a switchboard.
The work of María Jesús has been mainly attending to the neighbors needs in all areas, in addition to the collaboration with administrative and communication tasks, as well as the maintenance of the databases. In the administration, multiple and very varied tasks are carried out.

We are aware of the effectiveness of María Jesús in solving problems. She, of course, was a fundamental piece throughout these years. Not only for you but also for the Community…

What kind of challenges does a fundamental pillar of Villafranca del Castillo face?

I consider myself one of the fundamental pillars, but not the only one, it is fair to recognize the work of so many other people who have contributed to the development and maintenance of the Community.
The challenge for me has been the constant learning that is necessary to attend to the proper functioning of the Community and provide a satisfactory service to the residents of Villafranca, as well as overcoming the difficulties that have arisen at all times.
Gaining the trust of the different Governing Councils; of the neighbors, and of my companions. And as I mentioned before, adapting continuously and daily to the many changes and novelties in society over the years.
Also and as a fundamental pillar, to be fair and farsighted and set an example, with responsibility and constant work.
It has been like managing a “great home”, since the Community is a living Entity that does not rest, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You have done a magnificent job managing this “great home” in which we effectively recognize the work of so many other people and colleagues.

Could you tell me some funny anecdotes over the years?

More than funny anecdotes….this has been quite an adventure!
I had to come at 12 o’clock at night to locate where the water came out of a pipe that no one could find…
Coming on Christmas Eve to solve a water problem…
Spending several days locating the TV fuse that was causing incidents…
Anecdotes of this type have been numerous.
I have also had to manage the drilling of wells, to supply all the houses that were becoming more and more numerous…
The management of a private bus service so that residents could travel to Madrid in the times when the current discretionary services did not exist…

Even on Christmas Eve we have been able to count on you!

After having dedicated most of your life to the service of our community, what balance would you make of it? What memories would you keep?

The balance has been very positive and accompanies me practically throughout my life, because working here has allowed me to develop professionally and, at the same time, form a stable family. It has also allowed me to meet and interact with people from various sectors, with different concerns and knowledge, from whom I have always tried to learn as much as possible to form the person I am today.

And memories, many and important, that will stay with me forever. I would need a few pages to leave them all reflected, but it will be something that I will possibly leave reflected one day and it will help me to revive them.
I would highlight the memory and affection of many neighbors who have shown me their trust and support throughout all these years, some of whom are no longer with us, and who have fostered my desire to excel in this professional challenge.

Thank you so much for your words. If you feel like writing down your experiences or anecdotes, we’d love to have a copy!

Today, what does Villafranca del Castillo mean to you?

At this time and on the verge of my retirement, I consider Villafranca part of me, since I started working here at the age of 16, when I was still a teenager, and I have been experiencing both its development and my own.
“Age is only the footprint of the paths we have traveled.”

On behalf of the neighbors and the Governing Council, we want to thank you for your magnificent work and for your total dedication over these 50 years. A whole life of service to our Community. We hope that through our effort and dedication that Villafranca continues to progress in the same way that it has with you.

Thank you very much Isidoro!